J. Steve Miller
Current Work


Steve is a writer, speaker and educator. He's founder and president of Legacy Educational Resources, providing resources for  teachers of life skills and character education in public schools at www.character-education.info and resources for youth workers and pastors at www.youth-ministry.info. A self-styled "wisdom broker," he collects wisdom from many fields and packages it for teachers and writers via the Web.

His two Web sites attract over 800 people (sessions) per day, who log on for resources such as lesson plans, articles, quotes, activities and people stories.

Steve has invested the bulk of his life in work with young adults. Shortly after the fall of Communism in Czechoslovakia, he moved with his family to Slovakia, training youth workers with Reach Out Youth Solutions. After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he returned to the States with his wife and four boys,  where he began writing resources for Central and Eastern Europe. This grew into a global ministry via the Web. 

Several years after his wife's death, he married Cherie, who was raising three boys of her own. Now with seven boys, Steve has an intimate knowledge of the problems and possibilities facing today’s young people.

Steve has written on varied topics such as personal finance, philosophy of religion, ethnomusicology, writing and marketing. Here are some of his books, with links to their presence on Amazon.

Steve's Published Books

Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest It, Give It - The Adventures of the Counterculture Club - This multiple award-winning book follows the lives of four diverse high school seniors as they learn about personal finances.

Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven - Are NDEs true experiences with God and the afterlife, or merely the projections of dying brains? Nominated for a Georgia Author of the Year award.

Publish a Book! Compare over 50 Self-Publishing Companies - Tips for getting the right publisher.

Social Media Frenzy: Why Time Consuming Facebook, Twitter & Blogging Strategies May NOT Work for Your Business - Not everyone can build a vast social media following. But don't let that stop you from using other social media strategies which may work even better.

Sell More Books! Book Marketing and Publishing for Low-Profile and Debut Authors: Rethinking Book Publicity after the Digital Revolutions - Learn how low-profile authors have written, published, and sold their books successfully.

Richard Dawkins and His God Delusion: A Preliminary Critique of His Truth Claims - A researched and documented assessment of several of Dawkins' primary claims in The God Delusion

The Contemporary Christian Music Debate - With translations into Dutch, German, Spanish, Romanian and Russian, this book helped ministries worldwide to choose appropriate and effective music. 

Published Articles and Interviews

5 Tips for Encouraging Struggling Students - From the New Science of "Smart" - Teach Thought

How Low-Profile Authors Can Sell More Books - Southern Writers Magazine

Let Collaboration Take You to the Next Level - Southern Writers Magazine

When Building a Significant Social Media Following May Not Work - Pro Blogger

Seven Myths Low-Profile Authors Believe - Write Nonfiction Now!

Why I Gave Up Trying to Build a Big Social Media Following - The Creative Pen

Enjoy Your Money! - Young Money Magazine

Outside the Box - Cross-Cultural Youth Work - Group Magazine

J. Steve Miller on Near-Death Experiences - Interview on Apologetics315

Curriculum Vitae

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Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and children, researching and writing (several books books in process), volunteering at church, and helping care for his 107-year-old grandmother. In spare moments he dabbles with guitars and keyboards, hikes mountain trails, snow skis, windsurfs and explores caves.


"Whenever Steve writes for us, he consistently comes through with exactly what we were looking for. And as a bonus, he takes suggestions well (easy to work with) and delivers ahead of schedule!" (Margaret Garner, Worldwide Discipleship Association)

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