Current Work


Steve has spoken to large and small groups from Acworth, Georgia to Moscow. For over 30 years, he has spoken in many settings such as schools, radio, television, baccalaureates and churches. Contact him at jstevemiller (at) gmail.com (replace the "at" with @).

Recent and Upcoming Events:


July 13 - East Atlanta Christian Writers - Tips for Low-Profile Writers

June 15 - Georgia Author of the Year Awards

May 18 - On a panel at the Georgia Writers Association's Red Clay Writers' Conference.

May 16 - Speaking on writing and publishing at Dalton, Georgia library.

March 19 - Personal Money Management presentation at KSU @ 6:30 PM.

March 9 - East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers - Presenting on Book Marketing for Low-Profile Authors

Feb. 15,16 - Attending Georgia Conference on College and University Teaching

Feb. 9, 2013 - SoCon Social Media Conference, Kennesaw State University. Presenting on Social Media for Authors and Other Low-Profile Entrepreneurs.

August 24, 2012 - Norcross, GA - Catch the Wave Christian Writers Conference

April, 2012 - Northstar Church - Evidence for the Resurrection

2/4/12 - Kennesaw, GA, Socon Social Networking Conference - "When Time Consuming Blogs, Twitter and other Social Networking Efforts Waste our Time; and Alternative Social Networking Efforts that May Pay Off"

11/5/11 - McDonough, Georgia - "Writing and Publishing Marketable Books"

10/23/11 - NorthStar Church, Dallas - "Where is God When It Hurts?"

10/16/11 - NorthStar Church, Kennesaw - "Where is God When It Hurts?"

9/28/11 - Georgia Power, Atlanta (Affinity Group) - "Personal Finance and Budgeting"

9/23,24/11 - Men's Retreat - Eufaula, AL

9/9/11 - Christian Author's Guild, Norcross, "Writing and Publishing Marketable Books"

9/3,4/11 - Decatur Book Festival, Atlanta Georgia. Eddie Snipes and Steve Miller will host a booth and offer book giveaways, free writing and publishing advice and author signings.

8/13/11- Georgia Writers Association - "Book Publishing & Marketing in a Digital Age"

6/20/11 Christian Authors Guild - "Book Publishing & Marketing in a Digital Age"

4/17/11 - NorthStar Church - "The Resurrection: Fact of Fable?"

3/31/11 - Rotary Club, Kennesaw Mountain High School, Personal Finances

3/18,19/11 - Wedding, Atlanta

2/13/11 - Using People Stories to Change Lives, Fellowship Bible Church, Dalton, GA

11/14/10 - NorthStar Church - "Where is God When It Hurts?"

9/26/10 - Parenting and Finances seminar at NorthStar Church.

9/11/10 - On panel for "Inspirational Writing" at the Georgia Writers Association.

7/14/10 - Back for More! Money Wise Radio, Central California

6/9/10 - Money Wise Radio, Central California

"Keeping the Moneywise Guys radio show fresh and interesting to our listeners is our main priority. When having a guest, it is imperative they add to the show and can fit in with the humor as well as bring something to the conversation. We are always pleased with Steve Miller as a guest because he can be counted on to give valuable counsel to our listeners in a laid back, friendly manner that’s always easy to listen to. After his first time on the show, we immediately scheduled to have him back on.” (Paul Anderson, KERN 1180, Money Wise, Central California)

4/23/10 - Audio Interview for Cash Savvy Kids.

1/9/10 - Teen Leadership Retreat - Cherokee County, GA.

12/12/09 - Moderate panel on "Inspirational Writing" at the Georgia Writers Association

11/13-15/09 - Youth Retreat on Personal Finances

11/12/09 - St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church, Theological Discussion of CCM Debate

11/7/09 - "Red Clay" Georgia Writers Association, speaking on book marketing

10/19/09 - Enjoy Your Money wins the "Best Book" award for Personal Finance.

8/1/09 - Book Signing in Hawkinsville, Georgia

7/23/09 - Radio interview with WOCM-FM, Ocean City, Maryland.

7/11/09 - Five star review by The Midwest Book Review

6/26/09 - Interview at Book Pleasures.

5/30/09 - Book signing at Dalton, Georgia library.

5/21/09 - CBS Atlanta follow-up interview with Steve concerning financial advice for grads.

5/20/09 - CBS Atlanta interviews Steve concerning financial advice for grads.

5/9/09 - Financial Columnist Cliff Pletschet recommends Enjoy Your Money! in his column in the Oakland (California) Tribune.

5/7/09 - Good Day Atlanta! WAGA Fox 5 TV interviewed Steve about his book.  Click here to view video.

4/19/2009 - Miller speaks to a singles class at First Baptist, Fairburn on personal money management.

4/16/2009 - Miller fields money questions on panel at KSU.

1/24/2009 - Auction of first copy of Enjoy Your Money!

5/21/09 - CBS Atlanta follow-up interview with Steve on advice for grads.

5/20/09 - CBS Atlanta interviews Steve concerning financial advice for graduates.

5/7/09 - Good Day Atlanta! WAGA Fox 5 TV interviewed Steve about his book. 

4/16/09 - Steve fields financial questions on panel at Kennesaw State University

(2/10/09) Cherokee Teen Leadership

What a fantastic group! Out of many applicants, the leadership chooses twenty high school sophomores each year to learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills. In teams, they meet with bankers and other professionals to start imaginary businesses and compete with each other. I handed out full notes and told them, "I'm not here with my own agenda; I'm here to serve you. I can go through all this material, or, you can ask questions and interact based on the topics I'm covering." Once we hit the first topic - "Catching a Vision for Your Finances" - they were off and running. Great interaction. Great group.

"Amazing! I learned a lot about finance and investment."

"Huge help because I had no idea about financials."

"Off the chart. This was life changing."

"Made me think."

(1/2-1/4/09) Singles "Personal Finances" retreat at Mount Airy, Georgia.


"I love the illustrations!"

"I liked the investment ideas."

"I liked the activity where we told each other our strengths."

"This is such useful information."

(3/8/08) Workshop I led at the Georgia Writers Association . (I blogged the content in eight entries as "Publishing Without a Platform." )

"Super enthusiasm, inspired me very much."

"Very engaging from the beginning to the end - used a wonderful, real, storytelling method to keep the audience interested. Very good advice."

"You create hope, where it is usually dashed. What is greater than that?"

"Informative and laid back."

"Informal and very inspiring. Thank you so much for all the great information!"

"Fed me ideas like potato chips."

"Lots of information, especially about useful books and Web sites."

"You have a great sense of humor and lots of information to share. I really enjoyed all of this! Thank you!

"It was good that you asked for input from the audience. Wonderful handout."

"Positive speaker offering hope, knowledge and inspiration. Helpful tips on building a platform from someone who's been through it before. Excellent information presented in a fun, upbeat format without the arrogance you find from other speakers. Good understanding of the audience - from novices to different genres."

(Winter, 2008) Kennesaw State University Annual Conference on Literature:

(I blogged the content in nine sessions at http://www.valuesblog.blogspot.com and placed it as an article, with power point and handouts at 
http://www.character-education.info .)

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"Your enthusiasm is contageous."

"Down to earth & practical."

(Summer, 2007) Church Series on Personal Money Management:

"The members of my care group last night were buzzing with high praises for yesterday's service  Two members commented on how plugged-in their young-adult kids were to these messages on finances, presented in a style that seemed approachable and achievable to them - that God really wants them to be financially free."

" ...Steve has really gotten my two teenage boys excited about saving."