My Books & Interviews

Besides the books I’ve dedicated entire web pages to, I’ve also written books on writing, publishing, contemporary music, etc. Here I link to Amazon for my books on apologetic and critical thinking themes.

Faith That’s Not Blind: A Brief Introduction to Contemporary Arguments for the Existence of God

In introductory classes to philosophy, religion, and apologetics, students are often introduced to only a few lines of evidence that intelligent people forward for the existence of God. I decided that we needed a brief introduction to about 15 lines of evidence, so that students can see the broader landscape. In my Introduction to Religion classes, I have my students read the book free of charge as a .pdf in a week, rating each argument on a scale of 0 (no evidence at all) to 10 (absolutely compelling). Interestingly, students differ on which lines of evidence are the most compelling to them. Some give a “10” to the beginning of the universe, others a “10” to the precise settings of the universe and still others a “10” to miracles or deathbed experiences. No argument was a dud.

Near-Death Experiences As Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven: A Brief Introduction in Plain Language

I dedicated an entire page to this book on the “Near-Death Experiences page.

Deathbed Experiences As Evidence for the Afterlife

This book was just published in September, 2021. See the page dedicated to deathbed experiences on this site.

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense: A Practical Text for Critical and Creative Thinking

Again, I’ve dedicated a page (see “Critical Thinking”) of this site to describing this book.

Richard Dawkins and His God Delusion: A Preliminary Critique of His Truth Claims

Here I give a brief critique of Richard Dawkins’ popular defense of atheism. It’s based on an interview I did on “The New Atheism” with CNN’s Mike Galanos.

Selected Reviews and Interviews

Above interview on near-death experiences with Dr. Sean McDowell, Author and Associate Professor at Biola University. A huge benefit of Sean’s interviews is that Sean and I and others get to interact with hundreds of candid responses below the video, resulting in a useful resource for knowledge and experiences on the subject.

The above interview was on deathbed experiences. Once again, take advantage of the helpful discussions under the video.

Interview with Reasonable Faith United Kingdom on Near-Death Experiences.

Teaching with PowerPoint on Near-Death Experiences for Ratio Christi South Africa, including several SA universities.

Interview with Eric Chabot on near-death experiences with Ratio Christi at Ohio State University.

Review of Near-Death Evidences book by Chad Gross on Apologetics 315 Site.

Podcast on near-death experiences on Apologetics 315 site.

Interview on on near-death experiences.

Interview on Pondering Christianity regarding near-death experiences.

Podcast interview with Simon Bown

Interview with Bob Dutko on his radio show out of Detroit. (January 12 at 12:30 PM, Central Time, 2022)

Presentation with PowerPoint on “Do Deathbed Experiences Provide Evidence for an Afterlife,” at Kennesaw State University, Monday, November 1, 2021 | 1:30 pm. (Not yet posted)

Podcast interview with author J. C. Bratton on near-death and deathbed experiences.

Podcast interview with Liz Entin on near-death and deathbed experiences.

Endorsements for Interviews

“Dr. Steve Miller is a wealth of knowledge on the topic of Near Death Experiences. He has done extensive research and will be a blessing to anyone who wants to learn more about such an important topic. I highly recommend him.” – Eric Chabot, director of Ratio Christi for Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College