J. Steve Miller

Writer, Professor, Speaker

Offering resources for fellow seekers, questioners, wonderers…
…and those who worry about us.

Believing doesn’t come easy to some of us. When I read or hear a truth claim – whether it be political news, a scientific discovery, or a historical event – I instinctively respond, “I wonder if it’s true.”

If it’s an important claim, questions relentlessly flood my mind:

What’s the source?

Is the source credible?

What do other credible sources say?

What’s the data and reasoning behind the claim?

And for really important questions, like those involving God or the afterlife, I’ve dedicated large portions of my life to seeking: reading all sides, reflecting deeply, talking to other seekers, and praying for answers. For the past decade I’ve obsessed on exploring the research on near-death and deathbed experiences.

On this site I link you to my books and answer common questions, providing further research, my CV, and a blog where I occasionally share recent events or whatever’s on my mind .