Near-Death Experiences

Many have written books of their personal near-death experiences (NDEs). Some are quite interesting and compelling to a certain degree. But evidentially, they can only take us so far in assessing evidence for the afterlife. After all, we must put our faith in the integrity of people we don’t know, who may have a profit motive for publishing/speaking.

Although respected spine surgeon Mary Neal didn’t likely write her NDE account to bolster her reputation or make financial ends meet, and pastor Burpo’s report in Heaven Is For Real has some marks of authenticity, I wanted stronger evidence. On Burpo’s book a blurb by a physician noted that this experience was consistent with his studies of near-death experiences (NDEs). I thought, “Physicians have been studying these phenomena? I wonder what they’ve found!”

Thus began my study of NDE research, resulting in this book. I was shocked to discover that, at the time of my writing, over 900 articles on NDEs had been published in scholarly literature, including journals as respected and varied as The Lancet, Psychiatry, Critical Care Quarterly, the British Journal of Psychology, Resuscitation and Neurology. Fifty-five researchers or teams had published at least 65 studies of over 3500 NDEs.

My initial research told me that we needed a brief introduction to the present state of NDE research, well-documented to lead people to the best sources, written in plain language, assessing NDEs for evidence regarding God and the afterlife. The result is my book, which has now been translated into several languages, including a German edition by a subsidiary of Random House. It has also been used as a text by at Biola College and Talbot Seminary.


“For some time we’ve needed a well-researched, compelling introduction to this exciting field that focuses on the evidence. Miller delivers!” – Jeffrey Long, MD, bestselling author of Evidence of the Afterlife.

 “Can we survive death? Is there a God or a heaven? Miller provides the discerning reader with ample reason to think that the answer to these all-important questions is ‘yes’.” – Dr. Peter Schaefer, Senior Research Psychologist, Department of Defense.

…a masterful job…. Although there have been large numbers of books and articles written in medical journals from prestigious institutions for many the question remains…what might be next? Near-Death Experiences explores the science surrounding the question. This book is the first one I have read on this subject that doesn’t try to convince the reader of what he or she must believe. Filled with authoritative references from a wide range of respected members of the medical and science research community, inquiring minds will have much to ponder. Although this book should be used as a college textbook it is written in such a way that even the casual reader will find it fascinating. Ralph Lee Thomas, author and newspaper columnist.

…fascinating and very compelling…this book fills in a lot of the gaps in my own belief and inspires me to give more thought to my life, my purpose on earth and what to expect in the hereafter. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who has an interest in this sort of experience.Dr. Robert E. McGinnis, author and educator.

…I’ve been following the field for years, fascinated by the classic accounts by Howard Storm and George Ritchie, and intrigued by the seminal studies of Moody, Rawlings, Sabom, Morse etc. and the more recent books by Chris Cox and Jeffrey Long and others….

A book like this explains well why none of the so called “scientific” or “biological” explanations for the NDE can really adequately explain away the data. And of course there is a marvelous discussion here of the PATTERNS that emerge from NDE reporting worldwide and this is the very heart of the whole enterprise for many of us. The patterns. We’re intrigued by these patterns, by their undeniable recurrence and by what they might mean about us as humans and about the possibility of an afterlife.

I recommend the book wholeheartedly. Again, if you’re new to this field, this is a perfect introduction. If you want to revisit the material in an organized way and reflect on it, this is an enjoyable and provocative read. If you’re sick of arguing with an opinionated ignorant spouse or friend about the matter, you might offer the person this book. It’s a valuable addition to any NDE library.” – Bestselling novelist Anne Rice from her review.

Wow! I don’t really shy away from technical jargon since I have a doctorate in Engineering and two masters degrees (math and experimental statistics) but was delighted not to have to look up or guess at any highly technical medical terms. The format for the book which first stated objections to supernatural or spiritual basis for NDEs together with counter-arguments followed by the reverse sides of the arguments together with their bases and counterarguments were exactly what I had been waiting for!

There were substantial descriptions of many NDEs which gave the book a life of its own. The appendices, footnotes and references will keep me reading for quite some time. Indeed, I have this book in paperback as well as on my Kindle for easier cross-checking between the text and the footnotes, etc. In conclusion, let me state that my belief in both God and Heaven was strengthened considerably. Thank you, for this marvelous life-changing book!” – An “elderly scientist” from an review.